3 Reasons to Switch to LED Shop Lights

3 Reasons to Switch to LED Shop Lights

3 Reasons to Switch to LED Shop Lights

3 Bright Reasons You Need to Switch to LED Shop Lights

Efficiency, durability, and stylethese are the three reasons LED shop lights are preferable to conventional shop lighting fixtures. Whether inside a garage, a workshop, or a utility room, LED shop lights continue to pervade in every commercial space where there is a need for a high-quality lighting facility.

However, even though LED shop lights are intrinsically far superior to discharge and filament bulbs, choosing the right LED shop light is of utmost importance. Several factors should be considered when deciding which kind of LED shop light will serve your specific purpose, including:

  • The mounting height of the lighting fixtures
  • The intensity of the light required to be emitted
  • How long the lighting needs to run daily
  • Whether the present electrical setup can undergo a complete overhaul

High-quality, bright LED shop lights are a great addition to your dimly lit workspace and can lead to your “shop” emitting a positive vibe, almost instantly. They are chic and efficient. They are the future. However, before we proceed further, let’s look into what an LED shop light is, first.

What are LED Shop Lights?

Incandescent lights, then fluorescent lights, and finally, LED lights—today’s shops, or any workplace, have gradually become more LED-friendly over the last few years. LED shop lights are usually used to light up a tabletop or workbench, and they are quickly becoming the first choice for many. Either fixed as flush lighting or hung down by a chain, LED shop lights, also called LED garage lights, are flexible, often come in a plug-and-play kit, and offer bright, mercury-free, non-glare illumination.

LED shop lights come in two types: The first are viz. integrated LED shop lights and the second are LED shop light retrofits. Integrated LED shop lights come with all the components integrated into “one package” where neither the LED light nor the fixture can be removed or upgraded. Here, the lighting fixture keeps generating light until it depletes itself. The retrofits allow you to use the fluorescent ballast that comes with a compatible lamp holder. The primary issue with the retrofits lies in optimizing for electrical and mechanical congruity with the fluorescent lamp holders originally meant for fluorescent lights.

Integrated LED shop lights are energy-efficient, easy to install, and come in modern-looking luminaires. Just get it from the retailer, plug it in, and that’s it.

However, integrated LED shop lights come with a few drawbacks as well. What if the shop has already got old fluorescent light fixtures? What if there are chances of imminent upgrades in LED lighting technology? What if the color of the LED lights needs to change more often? Alternatively, perhaps, the cost of switching to an integrated LED lighting facility seems too high. In these cases, retrofits are a perfect choice.

While there might be some performance-based disparity between the two types of LED shop lights, both of them fare better than any other option available in the market today.

That leads us to the next point.

3 Bright Reasons You Must Switch to LED Shop Lights

1. LED Shop Lights Offers Wider Color Range

LED shop lights come in an extensive color range, between 2200K (more like candlelight) and 6000K (pure white, almost bluish). LED shop lights not only enables you to moderate color temperature for multiple purposes but also makes for an overall welcoming ambiance.

Neither discharge bulbs nor filament bulbs offer such a broad range of colors. However, it is noteworthy that some discharge bulbs, especially metal halide lights, are powerful enough to emit a fresh, white light, almost like daylight.

2. LED Shop Lights Save Energy

While initial installation expenses can be high, LED shop lights can lead to efficient lighting usage over time. LED lights can produce up to 120 lumens per watt, and as per the International Energy Agency (IEA), LED efficiency is expected to cross 160 lumens per watt. An LED bulb uses 85 percent less energy than a traditional incandescent bulb and lasts around twenty times longer than an Edison bulb. Shops absorb a lot of power every day, and in such cases, LED shop lights can save a few extra bucks on the electric bill.

3. LED Shop Lights Save Money

LED shop lights may not be cheaper than their fluorescent counterparts. However, when we factor in their longevity, we see how an average LED light can last twice as long as a regular fluorescent light does, thus leading to cheaper expenses.

For example, let’s say, a fluorescent bulb costs $2, and an LED light costs $5. On the face of it, an LED bulb costs two-and-a-half times the price of a fluorescent lamp. However, the average lifespan of an LED light is approximately 25,000 hours or over three times the average lifespan of a fluorescent bulb. So, which one is cheaper in the long term? It is the LED light.

Moreover, since the number of foot-candles from an LED shop light is higher than that of a fluorescent lamp or an incandescent bulb most of the time, LED shop lights save users money instead of costing more.

LED Shop Lights Go the Mile

Not only do LED shop lights save users in the long run, with significant heat and cold tolerance, and no warm-up time, LED shop lights can endure the heavy-duty environment of a workshop or garage. Being small and possessing high shock resistance, LED shop lights make for a perfect choice for “shops” in general.

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