How to Keep Cool and Under Budget During the Summer

How to Keep Cool and Under Budget During the Summer

How to Keep Cool and Under Budget During the Summer


 With summer just around the corner, we are all looking forward to picnics, beach days, water parks and all the outdoor fun but, before you head out that door, don't forget to turn off the lights! Here are some great tips on how to conserve energy and lower your electric bill during the summer.

1. Working Your Thermostat
We get it, after a long day of work, school, or strenuous outdoor activities, you just want to get home and crank up the AC. But is a costly electric bill really worth only a couple of degrees? Here's a tip to help you save, setting your thermostat temperature to 72 degrees and above will keep your air conditioner from over working which results in less energy consumption. You may also consider upgrading to a smart thermostat for an easier way to keep your climate controlled while you are away.

2. Keeping Things Breezy
Another way to keep a dollar in your pocket is by using fans. Easy right? Since the power needed to get them moving is very minimal and never increases, the costs compared to blasting an air conditioner is huge. A great part about fans is that most homes, offices, and buildings already have them installed, so why not take advantage? And if you there aren't any fans near you, you can invest in an inexpensive portable fan for less than $10! Cooling tip, leaving your fan on while the AC is also set, will allow you to feel a breeze throughout the rooms. Fans can definitely be helpful during the summer.

3. No Sun = Cool Fun
Sunlight contains thermal infrared light, which is an electromagnetic energy that we can feel and describe it as "hot". By allowing these beams and rays to pass through the windows, the hot source energy spreads making your environment warmer rather than cooler. So to keep your surroundings cool, cover your windows using drapes, curtains, blinds, sheets, blankets, or shutters. And remember, darker = cooler.


Besides feeling the heat from the sun, you can release infrared light from products that need electrical energy to operate. So why cook over a hot stove when you can BBQ outdoors in the fresh air and save money at the same time. Invite your neighbors and friends, make it a summer saving party!

5. Upgrading to LED Lights
Why use traditional light bulbs when they turn 90% of energy into heat. Yes, its true! Trading in your incandescent and fluorescent bulbs for LEDs helps reduce half of the heat that a regular light would and uses less than 75% of energy. LED lighting also outlasts traditional light bulbs by far, saving you money and energy. Our Shop Light is a great and easy to install LED.

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