5 Reasons Why LED Explosion Proof Lights are Necessary for First Responders

5 Reasons Why LED Explosion Proof Lights are Necessary for First Responders

5 Reasons Why LED Explosion Proof Lights are Necessary for First Responders

5 Reasons Explosion-Proof Lights are Necessary for First Responders

Imagine yourself, a seasoned firefighter, buckled up in your usual leather, full-body harness, slowly wheeled down into an underground chamber that recently survived a fiery onslaught.

It probably contains traces of flammable liquid fuel and the chamber air might be filled with toxic and inflammable gaseous particles . . .

It’s pitch-black. So, what kind of light would you use?

If you are an experienced firefighter, you already know that in such hazardous situations, you use explosion-proof lights.

Even special directives by National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and as per ATmospheric EXplosibles (ATEX) mandate, explosion-proof lights should always be used in “hazardous” locations.

What are Explosion-Proof Lights?

Let’s start by saying that there is a bit of confusion about what explosion-proof lighting is or how it actually works.

The popular opinion is that these are lighting fixtures that protects itself in the face of explosions.

Completely wrong.

Then some would say that it is an airtight lighting fixture and can block flammable gaseous particles from entering inside the casing and thus, prevents any form of ignitions or explosions.

While that is not totally off target, explosion-proof lights do not work this way. Instead, explosion-proof lights work in a very unique manner by letting in a limited amount of air (filled with combustible particles) inside the housing unit, and then, containing the resulting ignitions and explosions.

What Makes These Lights “Explosion-Proof”?

In normal lighting fixtures, the bulb, the wires, the switch and other electrical contacts are directly exposed to the hazardous environment. Any form of sparks, arcs, or open flames generated from these devices can prompt uncontrollable disastrous events in such locations.

So, what makes explosion-proof lights so unlike standard lighting fixtures? They come in robust frames and super-solid lenses. Additionally, the path directing the dust, fiber, and vapors into the area with sparks, arcs, and flames are often intricate enough to control the flow of the flammable materials inside the fixture.

As a result, whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas (if you know what we mean).

This makes these lights ultra-helpful for first responders who often need to work in dimly lit areas and need proper lighting that does not endanger their lives.

5 Reasons Why Explosion-Proof Lights are Necessary for First Responders

Whether you are a firefighter or a DEA agent, explosion-proof lights should be one of the many weapons in your arsenal when dealing with an emergency in a hazardous location.

Do you need a reason? We will give you five . . .

1. Explosion-proof lights are durable

Explosion-proof lights, made of hard-wearing and heavier components, are usually more durable than standard lighting fixtures. They are made for harsh, confined, and dangerous environments – exactly as required by a first responder in most cases.

These specially built lighting fixtures work longer than most other forms of lighting fixtures, helping you to reduce maintenance and refurbishing expenses for your business.

2. Explosion-proof lights are mobile

The solid frames, coupled with stocky, tempered-glass lenses, make explosion-proof lights immune to vibrations – which means they can be shifted from one place to another easily, using forklifts or other transport mechanisms.

While standard lightings are rather brittle and prone to being damaged or malfunction easily, explosion-proof lights are built for emergency situations when first responders need to rush to hazardous locations, fully equipped with needful tools and equipment, including proper lighting fixtures.

On a side note, explosion-proof lights are a boon for businesses that need to move around lighting hardware for operations.

3. Explosion-proof lights are efficient

For a first responder, it might not easy to figure out how long it might take to tackle the complex task at hand. It might go on for hours or get solved in a matter of minutes! But better be safe than sorry, right?

That is why it is always better to wield explosion-proof lights that are 90% more efficient than regular lighting fixtures. For a fact, an explosion-proof LED light can retain its designated level of illumination for 100,000 hours at a stretch! (Talk about longevity and efficiency.)

4. Explosion-proof lights emit less heat

Do you know one of the primary reasons why first responders prefer explosion-proof LED lights? Since they work on the principle of electronic excitation to generate light, they naturally produce less heat – lesser heat emission results in lower chances of sparks, flames, and arcs.

When it involves a serious disaster, say, in a mine or a petroleum-filled area, you, as a first responder, should always take every precaution you can lest the already-bad state turns worse.

Moreover, that starts with ditching that standard light for a high-quality explosion-proof lighting fixture.

5. Explosion-proof lights are eco-friendly

Explosion-proof LED lights are usually eco-friendly since they do contain mercury or lead. While this may not be directly related to first responders, it is always beneficial for our society in general.

By using explosion-proof lights in the factory premises, businesses can ensure a safer and healthier work environment for their staff.

Even for first responders, the explosion-proof lights will ensure that they are not further endangering the lives of those who have already endured a catastrophe. (Yes, somewhat indirect in nature but definitely worthwhile!)

Explosion-Proof Lights Are Worth the Investment

Explosion-proof lights can bring a lot of tangible benefits to first responders who live their lives through perilous missions and often perform seemingly impossible tasks.

At the very least, there will be light at the end of the dark tunnel, right?

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