LED Strip Lights: Its Definition And Its Uses

LED Strip Lights: Its Definition And Its Uses

LED Strip Lights: Its Definition And Its Uses

What are LED Strip Lights (and Do You Really Need Them?)

Which kind of lighting comes in a plug and play kit, costs a few bucks and can instantly add a colorful, lively dash of style to your environment, creating a subtle, charming ambiance around you?

LED strip lights, of course.

With their incredible flexibility and multi-faceted usability, LED strip lights can let you get a little imaginative with your home or anywhere else.

The potential of LED strip lights is huge and you will learn about a few of its amazing uses in this article. Let’s start with the fundamentals first.

What Are LED Strip Lights?

An LED strip light is nothing but a long, narrow tape – or rather, a circuit board – with LED emitters inserted on it at regular intervals. They can come in up to five-meter long reels, with double-sided adhesive, and can be cut into pieces according to your project requirements.

These lights are flexible enough to be bent up to 90 degrees, and being usually 10-12 inches thick, they can be fitted into the smallest of spaces.

Whether under your cabinet or along the banisters, you can install LED strip lights just by removing the liner, cleaning the surface properly and pasting the strip to it.

LED strip lights are extremely customizable, and their lighting effect can be changed in terms of brightness, color, width, voltage, CRI, etc.

Here’s a bit on their distinctness ...

3 Different Types of LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are categorized according to the three following criteria:

1. Level of Warmth

The color of LED strip lights can range from pearly white to that of candlelight, based on their color temperature. The color temperature is measured in Kelvins (K) and generally ranges between 2200K and 6000K, with 4000K corresponding with that of daylight.

The higher the Kelvin rating, the lower the warmth and the whiter the light emitted.

2. Level of Protection

Protection can be measured against two types of disturbances, viz. dust (solid) and moisture (liquid), and is measured in “Ingress Protection” (IP) units, comprising of two digits.

The first digit is a rating out of six and signifies the level of protection against solid objects whereas the second digit is a rating out of eight and signifies the level of protection against liquid objects.

The IP score determines whether the LED strip light is “non-waterproof”, “splash proof” or “waterproof”.

3. Difficulty of Installation

The third criterion is how easy it is to install the LED strip light. Is it a plug and play kit that you can get up and running in the next few minutes by yourself? Or, is the installation process rather complex and probably need the help of an electrician as well?

The former is usually shorter in length, provides lesser versatility and is good for short, simple projects. The latter is wired, comes in longer reels, requires a transformer and provides better flexibility for complex projects.

Where You Need LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights, being narrow and malleable, and lasting almost 25x longer than incandescent lighting, can be used in a lot of ways – in fact, almost anywhere and in any way you want. The following are some of the most popular use cases we know.

1. Kitchen Lighting

A major portion of your waking hours in a day is probably spent in the kitchen. So why not make it a bit more bright and inviting? LED strip lights, strapped under the cabinet or along the shelves, will make the whole area give off a more pleasant vibe.

2. Bedroom Lighting

Warm colored LED strip lighting, along the headboard or such, results in an ultimate, soothing bedroom experience. Perfect for lying down, easy and relaxed, on your cozy bed—ready for some bedtime reading.

3. Bathroom Lighting

Just like any other area in the house, this space must be vibrantly lit so as not to discharge negative energy and welcome you. That way you walk in and are refreshed, at the end of a hard working day.

4. Retail Display Lighting

LED strip lights can significantly ramp up the attraction factor of a retail store. With brilliant, multicolored lighting, these lights can stop customers right in their tracks and bring them in.

5. Outdoor Lighting

The ideal outdoor lighting appeals to our aesthetic senses and makes any building or outdoor space come to life. Whether it is the driveway to a private resort or the lawn of your house, LED strip lights fall into the “essentials” category.

6. Hotels and Bar Lighting

Warm, dimly lit environment, equipped with dimmable LED strip lights, is perfect for hotels and bars. With the right amount of lighting, accentuate the space and create the right mood for your visitors.

7. Flashy Decoration

The flashy lighting effect on shoes, clothing or on rock concert stages is made possible with the help of LED strip lights. It just goes to show how flexible and powerful these lights can be.

And these are just a few.

Unleash your creativity with LED strip lights and make any space, structure or object beautiful and appealing … in a matter of minutes.

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